"In 10 lessons you will feel the difference, in 20 lessons you will see the difference, in 30 you will have a new body."  Joseph Pilates

Pilates Body of Wilton is a classical Pilates studio featuring group mat classes as well as Barre Blend classes. We have two reformers, a cadillac, the ladder barrel and Wunda chair. Private and semi private lessons are available. 

Private Pilates Lessons Stamford
Pilates Training

Pilates is a system of exercises based on the principles developed by Joseph Pilates.  Joseph Pilates called his method “Contrology” – “The complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.”  The method elongates and strengthens muscles, creating a lean, toned figure. Focusing on core strength, it can alleviate back pain and help prevent against injuries.  Pilates can improve posture, joint health, lung capacity through deep healthy breathing, and increased flexibility and body awareness. 

Julie Warburg

Julie Warburg is a passionate proponant and lifelong practitioner of the Pilates method, and has been teaching Pilates   to adults, teenagers, athletes, and dancers in Fairfield County since 2002.  A graduate of Brown University with a degree in Theater and French Literature, Julie was a competitive figure skater in her youth, and has a background in Ballet and Ballroom Dancing. A member of the Pilates Method Alliance, she is certified through Power Pilates New York City, in classical Pilates in both mat and apparatus from the beginner through the advanced systems.  She is certified through the New York City Ballet to teach the New York City Ballet Workout,  and specializes in team training having trained nationally ranked elite divers from the Whirlwind Diving team in New Canaan Ct for 10 years, as well as other competitive youth sport teams.

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